The Good , the Bad and the Ugly about Hair Extensions

Posted by Shonte Okedokun on

Great weave is all about great hair quality.

The quality of the hair is crucial for a successful weave install. I encourage my clients to see it as a long term investment. Good hair quality lasts for a long time and can be re-used for a year or longer if maintained properly. Bad, low quality hair seems to be popping up everywhere these days and unfortunately there is no such thing as good cheap hair.

I have heard about cheap hair from mountain goats being sold as virgin hair and clients getting lice and chemical burns from cheap hair; even grave plundering of hair. Cheap hair might look good in the package until you open it and smell the corn chip odor, a smell you will never get rid of. Cheap hair is chemically processed and dipped in silicone to look shiny, however after a couple of washes you’ll feel the dryness tangling into a forever bad hair day.

I vote for real virgin quality hair donated by healthy women at the temples in India or bought ethically directly from donors. The hair is strapped in a ponytail before collected in a single cut. All the hair strands face the natural direction from root to tip, which prevents tangling. There are no chemicals or processing of the hair except from cleaning, combing and steaming the hair into the right texture. The virgin hair shades in natural black – a black hair colors with various natural shades of dark brown. No bundles are alike since they all come from various donators. But don’t worry too much about the shades differentiation – when installed it will look more natural with shade variations and can always dye virgin hair into any color you like.

Great hair quality has a natural bounce to it, the end feels soft and natural and gilded through your fingers like a charm. It is an amazing feeling wearing premium quality weaves.

The sourcing of premium virgin hair is expensive, so I would be aware and be cautious if a bundle of 20 inches cost less than $150

Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indian, European, Eurasian, Scandinavian hair – to me they are all really the same hair just different curl pattern

There are a lot of myths about what kind of hair is the best quality to get. Suppliers are marketing all kinds of ethnicity, however for me it all comes down to good or bad quality hair. Basically all virgin hair comes from India or Asia and is steamed into various textures that reflect the ethnicity. Personally I love the Virgin Brazilian textures since they seems to blend more beautifully and the top grade quality is usually used for the Brazilian textures. Way back the mafia in Brazil stole hair from girl in the street by forcefully cutting it off, however today the Brazilian hair collecting business is gone and we all know that no Brazilian woman would ever cut their long saved hair pride willingly.

Sometimes I also hear hair companies refer to European or even Scandinavian hair, but the real source of all hair in the industry is India and Asia.